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Best things to do in Tokyo

The sprawling metropolis of Tokyo is full of sights to see, food to eat and people to meet. If you’re short on time and want a taste of what Tokyo has to offer, these are The Departure Desk’s top three things to do in the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo is a spectacle in itself with its vast size and surroundings. Head to the Tokyo Skytree and take a high-speed elevator to floor 350 to see the famous and its surroundings (hello Mt Fuji!) from above. Getting there is easy, all you need to do is take the train directly to the Tokyo Skytree stop. Tickets start from ¥1,800 ($21 AUD).


We all know Japan is renowned for its technological advancement and the Japanese have even applied this to art! See out-of-this-world digital art at teamLab exhibitions Planets and Borderless for an incredibly immersive and unforgettable experience. The Departure Desk recommends going to both exhibitions for the full experience, but if you can’t, going to one will be memorable enough. teamLab is located close to the city centre in the Toyosu district. Tickets start from ¥3,500 ($40 AUD).


Visitors to Tokyo should visit the hub of Shinjuku. Located centrally in downtown Tokyo, Shinjuku is the perfect place to start your Japanese journey. Get a taste of traditional Japanese food like Ramen, Sushi and Katsudon at one of the street vendors, go shopping inside one of the world-class shopping malls and even see Godzilla himself at the Godzilla store. Shinjuku is home to one of the major railway stations in Tokyo with trains going to the airport and to other major cities.

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